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Borrego: "For me, learning lies in asking yourself why it went right or what happen when it didn't.”

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Actuary José Borrego represents Prime Re Solutions in Mexico.
Actuary José Borrego represents PRS in Mexico.

José Borrego has been working for Prime Re Solutions as an actuary since July 2020, representing PRS in Mexico. He has applied and designed actuarial modelling in insurance, airline industries, lotteries, loyalty programs and social security schemes, and he previously worked for 10 years as the Actuarial Director of Lockton México. He is a member of Mexican actuarial associations, Colegio Nacional de Actuarios and Asociación Mexicana de Actuarios and brings a wealth of experience.

Please describe your function at PRS.

I represent PRS Prime Re Solutions in Mexico.

In your view, what makes up the success of PRS?

Gathering the experience of every PRS actuary and performing unprecedented studies and workshops for other insurance professionals around the world.

What do you like most about having direct contact with customers?

Listening to their experience and needs always give me a guide to understand and help them find a solution providing a holistic view.

Successes and failures shape our lives. From which did you learn most?

From failures, because it obliges me to review the process to find out why it went wrong, learn from it and fix it. Whereas in success, I must acknowledge the main skills that led me to achieve it to keep and improve them. For me, learning lies in asking yourself why it went right or what happened when it didn't.

As a child, did you have a dream job?

I wanted to become an astronaut.

What would you do differently if you could start again from the beginning?

I feel satisfied with my professional career and what I have learned and grown through it. I am excited about this new step forward with Prime Re Solutions and my current situation.

What makes you angry?

When people are dishonest.

What do you like doing most in your leisure time?

Spend time with Family, learn new things, reading, movies, cooking/eating.


José Borrego in brief

First name/surname:

José Borrego

Year of birth:


Trained profession:


With PRS since:

July 2020

Previous stops on the career path:

  • Grupo Técnica from 1997 to 2000

  • Lockton México from 2000 to 2019

  • Actuarial Garage Project 2019 – up to date

The different career cornerstones

I have applied and designed actuarial modelling in insurance, airline industries, lotteries, loyalty programs, Social Security schemes, from which I have obtained a comprehensive perspective of the client's needs and also help me in strengthening my communication skills.


José Borrego was born in Mexico City and studied Actuarial Science at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, FES Acatlán, a diplomat in Econometrics at ITAM. He has certifications in Life, General Insurance, Health, and Dynamic Solvency. He comes with 23 years of professional experience as an actuary, out of it ten years as Actuarial Director at Lockton México. José is a member of CONAC and AMA, both actuarial associations in México. He joined PRS in July 2020.

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