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When Business Meets Leisure Part 2: From delivery to the adventures in the national park of Paracas

The two actuaries Frank Cuypers and Simone Dalessi extended their second business trip to Peru at the end of March by a weekend to explore the oasis of Huacachina, about 300 kilometres South of Lima, the nature reserve Ballestas Islands as well as the national park of Paracas with their Peruvian actuary colleague Guido Monteverde. The 4-hour trip from Lima to Paracas was worth every detour: the three actuaries explored with buggies, called Tubulares in Peru, the 100 meter high dunes around the oasis of Huacachina, took a boat to the nature protected archipelago of Ballestas, where they enjoyed the rare view of seals, South American sea lions, penguins as well as pelicans and concluded their trip with a journey to the National Park of Paracas. More impressions in the picture gallery.

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