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PRS Actuary Bor Harej always enjoyed solving complex problems

Bor Harej has been working for Prime Re Solutions as an actuary since July 2019. In this interview the 36-year-old reveals his specialty in actuarial engineering, what his dream job was as a child and what he enjoys doing most in his leisure time.

PRS: Please describe your function within PRS.

Bor Harej: I joined the PRS team in July 2019 as a consulting actuary and shareholder. Besides working on various international projects, I am mostly engaged at promoting and providing PRS services in the Balkan region. My special area is machine learning to which I devote most of my research time.

In your view, what makes up the success of PRS?

The right combination of enthusiastic individuals, who are eager to learn, test and share their knowledge.

What do you like most about having direct contact with customers?

A good coffee, a good feeling of seeing customers’ satisfaction after the accomplished job and a sense of connection with the market.

Successes and failures shape our lives. From which did you learn most?

I see this as an ongoing process and I try to contemplate from every new experience if my “model” needs to be recalibrated.

In what field did you recently extend your qualifications?

In machine learning.

As a child, did you have a dream job?

I didn’t have a specific dream job as a child. However, I always enjoyed solving complex problems.

What would you do differently if you could start again from the beginning?

I like to try different paths. If I could start again with the existing knowledge, I would choose another way, just because I am curious.

What makes you angry?

Receiving no answer.

What do you like doing most in your leisure time?

I like to play chess, to dance and go climbing. And if there is still some time left I use it for off-road motor rides.


Bor Harej in brief

First name/surname:

Bor Harej

Year of birth:


Marital status and family:

Married, family in progress

Trained profession:

Actuary, CERA

With PRS since:

July 2019

Previous stops on the career path:

Various roles at Zavarovalnica Triglav, among them Head of Strategic Analysis

The different career cornerstones:

• Risk manager

• Actuary

• Head of actuarial modelling team

• Consulting actuary


Bor Harej was born in Slovenia and studied mathematics at the University of Ljubljana. He acquired actuarial credentials at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in the UK and comes with 11 years of professional experience as an actuary, out of it 4 years as Head of Strategic Analysis at Triglav Insurance in Slovenia. Bor is both President of the Slovenian Actuarial Society as well as Board member of ASTIN. He joined PRS in July 2019.

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