Prime Re Solutions is proud sponsor of the handball club Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Prime Re Solutions is now sponsoring the Handball Club Einsiedeln (HCE), Switzerland. "We chose to support this handball club because of our work colleague Christoph Tschannen. He was a former professional handball player and is now coaching the HCE as head coach. In my very humble sports career, I have personally experienced how difficult it is to find sponsors for a small sports club and make ends meet. Small sports clubs are very important to our society and should therefore be supported," says Simone Dalessi, CEO of Prime Re Solutions. Christoph Tschannen “Stöfi” has been working for PRS for over 16 years and has been in charge of technical and financial accounting for eight years. The 37-year-old previously played handball for over 10 years in the Swiss National League, before he became Head Coach of the HCE. "At a certain age, top-class sport is only associated with much pain. But as a head coach, I can still follow my passion and practice from time to time with the club," says Stöfi. He is very pleased about the new sponsorship of PRS: "As a sports club, you always need a lot of money to keep it running. You pay association fees, the referees, the hall rents, etc. Therefore we are very happy about any support.” The HCE plays in the 1st men's league. "Our goal in the near future is to reach the final round," he says.

Find out more about the HC Einsiedeln.

Head Coach Christoph Tschannen (on the left) with the 1st men's league of the HCE.

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