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Prime Re Academy will launch its e-Academy soon

Prime Re Academy will launch its e-academy soon
The first e-Academy seminar will be devoted to Stochastic Simulations and Risk Measures and take place on May 27

Over the years, many Prime Re Academy participants asked us when we shall start offering our workshops online. To satisfy their demands with the high-quality standards they are entitled to, we are currently developing a solid concept with a robust infrastructure.

This year, the Prime Re e-Academy will offer a total of 6 seminars lasting 2 hours each and covering different aspect of risk modelling. Moreover, we shall also hold our very popular workshop on “Reinsurance Pricing and Structuring” spread over the month of September, in 4 sessions of 4 hours each. We shall deliver the seminars and workshops twice on the same day, during the morning in English, and during the afternoon in Spanish. "This way, we are pleased to offer oversees’ participants more opportunities to join the Prime Re Academy events.", says founder and lecturer Frank Cuypers.

Program will follow soon.

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Excelente noticia el lanzamiento de ls e-Academy. Espero recibir noticias para inscribirme en sus cursos on line. Saludos. Sergio

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