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Monika Buholzer: “I try to learn from every failure and every success.”

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Monika Buholzer joins Prime Re Solutions.
Monika Buholzer joins Prime Re Solutions.

Monika Buholzer wanted to become a horse trainer when she was young – mathematician was never on her list. But she always appreciated the clarity of mathematics and success has proved her right: today and at a very young age, Monika can already look back at a successful career path as the Chief Actuary of Switzerland’s largest health insurers, during which she founded and lead 2 influential actuarial health committees. In this interview you will find out more about her.

Please describe your function within PRS.

In June 2021 I joined the PRS team as a consulting actuary. I am in charge of helping clients in their pricing, reserving, solvency, and regulatory issues. My special area is health insurance, which I promote in Swiss area as well as worldwide.

In your view, what makes up the success of PRS?

A highly qualified team with great diversity that learns from and with each other.

What do you like most about having direct contact with customers?

Being in contact with many different and interesting people. On concretizing the work to do, we find together the best question to support the clients aim. So, by answering this question, I can be sure, that my work really makes a change.

Successes and failures shape our lives. From which did you learn most?

Not from a special one. I try to learn from every failure and every success. By learning also from small events, we develop the fastest – and on a much softer way.

In what field did you recently extend your qualifications?

I recently finished a CAS in change management, in team development and coaching. And I am about the finish my MAS in coaching & change management.

As a child, did you have a dream job?

When I was young, I wanted to become a horse trainer. Later I had several job dreams and ideas – mathematician was never on my list. But I always appreciated the clarity of mathematics.

What would you do differently if you could start again from the beginning?

I would not change a specific decision. But I would generally listen more to my own opinion and intuition.

What makes you angry?

Untaken chances.

What do you like doing most in your leisure time?

I love all kinds of mountaineering at every season – and almost every weather. On the other hand, I do a lot of meditation and enjoy a good meal with my loved ones.


Monika Buholzer in brief

First name/surname:

Moja Buholzer

Year of birth:


Trained profession:

MSc in Mathematics

With PRS since:

June 2021

Previous stops on the career path:

Various roles in the largest Swiss health insurers

The different career cornerstones:

· Pricing, reserving and solvency actuary

· Head of actuary & mathematics and responsible actuary

· President of actuarial committees

Short Biography:

Moja Buholzer studied mathematics and later actuarial sciences at the University of Zurich. She comes with 13 years of professional experience as an actuary, out of which 7 years as Head of Actuary & Mathematics at CSS Health Insurance and Helsana Health Insurance. She founded and was president of the health committee of the Swiss Actuarial Society as well as the actuarial health committee of the Swiss Insurance Association. She joined PRS in June 2021.

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