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“It is really gratifying when customers trust you.”

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Guido Monteverde on what makes up the success of PRS

The Peruvian Guido Monteverde first wanted to become a professional football player, before an injury forced him to change his professional direction. He then graduated with a MSc in actuarial science from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Having played football in the highest football league in Peru for two years, helped him to become a very disciplined and organized person. In his actuarial role with PRS, he helps clients in their reserving, pricing, solvency and regulatory issues. He is based in Latin America and in charge of Latin America business.

Please describe your function at PRS.

In 2016 I joined the PRS actuarial department. Since that moment I have participated in projects related to economic capital modelling, reserving, pricing, reinsurance and regulatory aspects. I am part of a very experienced team of actuaries and I am based in Latin America and in charge of Latin America business.

In your view, what makes up the success of PRS?

The experience of the team and the closeness with our clients makes up the success of PRS. It is really gratifying when customers trust you to solve complex problems.

What do you like most about having direct contact with customers?

I identified two moments which made me feel really good. The first one is when clients call us because they know we can help them to solve their problems. Feeling such trust is priceless! The second one is at the end of the project looking at customers having overcome those problems.

Successes and failures shape our lives. From which did you learn most?

Definitely from both. Successes strengthen us. However, I prefer to talk about experiences instead of failures, otherwise it means I would have not learnt from my mistakes.

In what field did you recently extend your qualifications?

After having obtained the fully qualification to the Swiss Association of Actuaries (SAV), I am in the pathway to get the CERA accreditation.

As a child, did you have a dream job?

Yes, I wanted to be a star soccer player. I played two years in the professional soccer league of Peru, my home country, and for the national team when I was 17. Unfortunately, an injury forced me to stop playing. However, playing soccer made me a very organized and disciplined person but best of all it gave me lots of good friends.

What would you do differently if