Intelligence: Natural vs. Artificial – Frank Cuypers Speaks in front of the Danish Actuarial Society

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Frank Cuypers held a speech in front of the Danish Actuarial Society last week on the use of artificial intelligence in the actuarial practice. He used the example of Individual claims development with neural networks to illustrate the topic. 140 members of the Danish Actuarial Society were present when he gave the lecture during one hour in Hellerup, Denmark. The lecture met with great interest.

Download the full presentation here.

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About Frank Cuypers

Dr. Frank Cuypers, founder and chairman of PRS Prime Re Solutions, the actuarial department of PRS Prime Re Services

Frank Cuypers is a nuclear engineer with a M.Sc. in nuclear physics and a Ph.D. in theoretical physics. He comes with a vast lecturing experience and a prominent scientific track record in modeling complex systems. He furthermore has a wide experience in most actuarial disciplines and lines of business. He chairs Prime Re Solutions' Board of Directors.

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