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Bor Harej

Stéphane Gartenmann
Bor Harej

Bor Harej acquired actuarial credentials at Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in UK and has over 11 years experience in actuarial modelling and solvency.

Relevant Qualification and Academic Background

Actuary SAA
Actuary, CERA – Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK
M.Sc. – Mathematics – University of Ljubljana

Relevant Professional Experience

Quantitative Risk Management
Actuarial engineering (insurance)

  • Reserving

  • Nat Cat modelling

  • Economic capital modelling

  • Solvency II

Mathematical modelling and simulation of complex systems
Model validation


Relevant Career Development

2019 –          PRS:    Consulting Actuary & shareholder
2015 – 2019 Triglav: Head of Strategic Analysis
2013 – 2015 Triglav: Actuarial Modeller
2008 – 2013 Triglav: Analyst in the Risk Management

Relevant Memberships in Professional Organisations

SAV Full member of the Swiss Association of Actuaries

SAA Full member of the Slovenian Association of Actuaries
President of the Slovenian Association of Actuaries
Member of ASTIN


IT and Programming Skills


Microsoft Office including MS Access
Various programming languages (Python, C++, Java, R, VBA)

Language Skills
Native:         Slovene
Proficient:    English, Italian
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